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The Issues

It's time for a change.


back to City Hall.



"It is crucial that you have Confidence

in your local government."

As your Mayor:

  • Government activity will be transparent and accessible online and in person at City Hall

  • The City website will be reconfigured to make it more user friendly so that desired information can be obtained more easily 

  • Information on the City website will remain timely and accurate

  • Public resources will not be squandered

  • The needs of our city and our residents will always come first

  • Resident interactions with all city employees and departments will be professional and respectful

  • You will receive honest answers to your questions

  • Charter changes will require your voice in the process

  • I will establish and keep mayoral office hours to address your concerns

  • Municipal construction projects and street work schedules will be available online to inform the public, reduce unnecessary traffic in impacted areas, and to help residents plan their daily commute 


More Inclusion

"Everett's greatest asset is our residents."

As your Mayor I will ensure that:

  • Your voice will be heard, regardless of your race, religion, disability, age, sexuality or gender identity & your opinions will matter.

  • Your ideas to help make Everett a better place to live and to work will be constantly solicited 

  • We will revitalize community spirit and restore Everett Pride

  • You will be treated as a valued member of the community 

  • We will improve upon services for our residents with disabilities

  • We will establish a welcome center to help all residents get important city information 

  • Our city will foster the talent and creativity of our local artists by providing space to collaborate

  • We will commit to making the Arts more accessible to all residents not only in City Hall, but throughout the Community 


Public Safety

"Every resident should feel Safe and Respected."

Everett failed to hire any firefighters since 2016, despite more than 25 members leaving the department, the addition of a casino, a hotel and numerous large scale construction projects, until I pursued this issue with tenacity. 

As your Mayor:

  • Everett will never fall behind in proper staffing levels of firefighters or police officers

  • Police officers and residents will work together to enhance the safety of our neighborhoods

  • We will improve how our city approaches mental illness, homelessness, and drug addiction issues

  • We will study the benefits of a satellite police station in Everett Square

  • We will conduct periodic seminars to educate property owners and tenants of their rights and responsibilities with regard to public safety and health code issues

  • Street sweeping, road repair and sidewalk maintenance will be a top priority



"One of the biggest challenges facing our community is to make Everett a more Affordable place to live."

As your Mayor I pledge to :

  • Increase the amount of truly Affordable Housing through homeowner incentives and strategic new development

  • Foster more owner occupied housing

  • Eliminate wasteful government spending

  • Always look for ways to reduce taxes and other municipal expenses 

  • Ensure controlled, beneficial growth, rather than the current unlimited expansion that is overburdening the infrastructure of our City, causing overcrowding, and unnecessary congestion 


Benefits for Seniors

"A community must honor its Seniors"


As your Mayor:


  • Our Seniors will be respected and appreciated

  • We will continue to add and improve services for our Seniors 

  • We will update the Connolly Center to create additional space to provide more programs for our seniors 

  • No senior will lack the basic necessities to enjoy their Golden years 

  • We will incorporate a senior shuttle within our City 

  • We will provide periodic seminars on various topics of interest to educate and protect our seniors    

  • There will be a City liaison dedicated exclusively to address issues faced by seniors 



"Providing a Quality Education is the Best Investment we can make in our Youth and our Collective Future."


As your Mayor:


  • I will work with our School Department to help every student reach their full potential - both in and out of the classroom

  • We will expand vocational opportunities for those students interested in pursuing a career in the trades

  • We will partner with the School Department to develop an intern program in the private and public sectors 

  • There will be meaningful collaboration and open, effective communication between City Government and our School Department 

  • We will address the current student overpopulation problem by seeking funds to construct additional school buildings 

modern ev sq.jpg

Business Partners

"Thriving Local Business is a vital part of a vibrant community"


As your Mayor:


  • City Hall will work with our long neglected Business partners to help them Succeed 

  • Everett Square will finally be Redesigned

  • We will establish a Local Business liaison in City Hall

  • Peer networks will be established to help businesses assist other businesses

  • We will assist businesses to establish internship opportunities

  • We will provide a business packet to each new business with information to  help them succeed

  • We will encourage business opportunities and growth within our City

COVID-19 Resources

There needs to be 100% transparency and a timely flow of information to Everett residents on all things related to Coronavirus.

Below is a list of online resources that are completely free to all.

The Massachusetts Department of Health put together a series of informative campaigns for MA residents about the COVID-19 vaccine, where residents can receive their vaccine, and when they become eligible to schedule an appointment.

Map of Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Please note this map is created by users and is data driven. This map is used on the website

The information on this map may be unfinished, and this map is subject to change.

Additional information can be found on the MASS.GOV website of every available testing site location in the state.


  • Find information about local testing sites.

  • Fully Interactive

  • Several Search Filters

circle-cropped (1).png

This website is a symptom checker and screening tool free for MA residents.

***PLEASE NOTE: This tool is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate attention please call 911 or the number for your local emergency service.

circle-cropped (2).png

Below is a list of direct links to COVID related resources.

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